Michelle Brener

design process

How I work.


Planning & Rendering

Research is a big part of the job.

To truly understand your company’s market and clients I dig in deep to find the right message to pursue. I provide a Photoshop render of the project before starting the implementation of our ideas. In Superga's case, I came up with the concept of "My favorite color is you" deriving from the plethora of colors the Italian shoe company offer for their sneakers.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 9.01.24 PM.png



I am a hands-on person.

I love making beautiful things, and almost all of my work is handmade in some way. The design implementation part of the process is where I get to bring the ideas from my head into reality. In Superga's case, I handmade all of the elements of the piece. Including the Superga paper shoes, paper foliage details and flowers.




Delivery and installation strategy is critical.

I make sure the delivered design is as close to the initial render as possible. Every project if different yet my experience in this field has taught me to foresee any obstacles in this part of the process. In Superga's case, the installation had to be done piece by piece inside the Aventura Mall Retail Store.



Final Result

Design matters.

Once the final result is accomplished your business will become more memorable and will stand out from the rest. In Superga’s case, the ROI happened right away. Mall-goers were noticing and coming into the store more often than before. People were snapping pictures to share on social media. All together the design made the experience of the space feel special.