Michelle Brener




Ocean Inspired Art & Design


Ciaboga is a design studio focused on marine art. There is no particular practice done in the studio, all forms of art are welcome with the condition of being perfectly executed, elegant, and tasteful. The studio is divided into three categories: Interiors, Fine Art & Apparel. 


Ciaboga has worked with hotels worldwide. The work ethic implemented in the studio is to become 'one with the client' and execute all designs as initially presented. The customer's insight is the priority to create outstanding pieces and transform spaces. The only rule is the No Surprises Rule - meaning that your expectations will be met. Always. The team-oriented strategy has allowed creativity to flow effortlessly and every person that has worked with Ciaboga is now considered a friend. 

Fine Art

Something is being made every day at the studio. Fine art pieces created from all sorts of materials including ink, wine, beer & coffee.


On a more approachable matter, Ciaboga designs are available on T-Shirts and Performance shirts